This means that there is also a “food allergy grandpas.”There are millions of six million children in the United States if you have food allergies, showed us how the grandfather David Friedel Jordan in recent years, the simple and authentic service and bring the community together to support a worthy cause.

David is in his local communication workers Association in Detroit, Union President. He knows his fellow trade unionists, but he generally “all business” aware of food allergies in recent meetings, with the name on the podium (“no nuts” for Jordan in Columbus, OH is the name of the team of the fare hike Friedel family) his usual CWA local 4050 shirt instead of his “no nuts” t-shirt for Jordan. Depth of the food allergy community, a 13-year-old Natalie’s death has touched, and then talk to them, to share the latest tragedy is that life is lived every day in his own granddaughter Jordan allergic to nuts, is all about. To help raise money to find a cure rate as he was walking in walk, he explained.

He held the envelope, he said, “If you can save $ 1 of each, add $ 150 us with this important cause.” surprisingly, all members of his Union’s donation and $ 274 collection! Love and his family members with the support of Jordan’s team has contributed more than $ 2700 in Columbus, the top fundraiser!


Fee-raising Champion: David Stotarczyk

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