Since the shutdown of the Federal Government shut down the Government earlier this week, a charge associated with the service or food allergies has been investigating how it can impact business. While there are many uncertainties during this time, the information we have so far collected offers a community for any new developments will continue to let you know of. Will let you know the Federal Government closed for the following important notice:

United States Department of agriculture and the FDA food recalls due to an undeclared allergen
Update 10/10/2013
The food and Drug Administration (FDA) fare and the United States Department of agriculture (USDA), recalls their food is being affected by the notification system shutdown check Remember reached out to multiple contacts. Undeclared allergen recalls alerts on our society and potentially life-saving information.

We distribute information processing and recall notice at the time responsible for many of the furloughed employees. Retrospect and distribution, delays are being released in a limited capacity.

The fare is more than a dozen major food industry groups to contact with fee directly to any allergy recalls warning we email and notify the community through social media services can continue to request them has reached out to the manufacturer.

United States Department of agriculture, access to medical statements form
Parents who request a special meal, accommodation and school lunches for milk, fill out the form required to submit to the school nurse or other administrative staff. This mode is currently not accessible through the website of United States Department of agriculture are generally accessible. Parents or school requires this form, you can access it here: dietary needs on request.

Women, infants and children (WIC) nutrition program
Professional formulas and rely on WIC services for food for families it is important to know about this program is the federal funding has been halted due to the exit. Most countries currently WIC participant WIC funds and vouchers; Some States, however, that the honor represents, they’re just funding the recipient may not receive the benefits soon, so keep doing this for a short period of time. If you are a current WIC participant WIC program, please reach out to the State.

State S. 1503-emergency epinephrine law school access
“Stock” has an epinephrine auto-injector is the law that requires schools to adopt the State, encouraging emergency epinephrine law, school access the Senate Health, education, labor and Pensions Committee on October 2 in the days before & for consideration. However, because of the reduced staffing review was postponed until further notice. Joint rates visit the Action Center to encourage legislators to sponsor the Bill, please keep up the writing.

Government-funded clinical trials
Most rates do not receive government funding, funds clinical trials are not affected by the termination. The national institutes of health, a joint study by the prices of investment funds, including ongoing traditional trials. However, these trials recruiting new patients are limited in their ability to.

Food allergies and important note about the closure of the Federal Government

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