Is there a charge for food allergies walk more than 60 communities across the country and now it’s a family-friendly event that is walking season! Walker United States thousands of fundraising, team throughout the recruiting and preparing for the event. Whether you are a first time Walker or a veteran, we we have some frequently asked questions and provides useful information. Donate to the individual or team registration, for more info please visit http://www.foodallergywalk.org!

How to walk in the street?
Two or three miles, along with some of our walks range gives you the option to run or walk/run 5k.

Who makes it possible to program a walk?

We have many generous supporters from walking is good. They walk through the support provided funds charge total food allergy community support obligations, national education, awareness, advocacy and research initiative is instrumental in. Our walk will also help run smoothly hundreds of patrons walk event on the walk-through the efforts of volunteers. Thank you!

What kind of activities will be on the streets?

In addition to the walk itself, a variety of fun children’s activities in each of the walks for adults. There are many walks, face painting, Moon bounce, rock climbing wall, Carnival Games, crafts, and prize drawings. DJ, clowns, musicians, or other performers provide entertainment throughout the day are also in attendance. A variety of local and national suppliers allergists ‘ offices, book writer and food companies including each walk in on the site.

The food served at the event, there will be a sample or food?

All of our walk was provided by our sponsors or local businesses can make use of free samples. We tell them that they can incorporate into their lives, a new or different allergy-friendly food gives you the opportunity to learn about the product because they are participating in a walk year these sample audits of individuals and of families in many.

What type of security measures or policies in place about food?

We all have a safe and enjoyable experience possible so that you can take a number of safety measures and sharing the best of us in advance and we spot, walk participants with these policies before and event information is available several times through various channels.

Is there a charge for food on foot walking policy

Each walk dictionary:

Now staff and discuss all the food samples before walking with sponsors and sponsor list and label the ingredients of their products must be clearly posted on each walk website and email a statement. events will be samples from and read the label, and they should refrain from walking, open the sample in all the above will be sent to all registered walkers advance. they should not walk on the site of food they consumed beforehand and wash your hands before you get to walk properly, any food you should be aware of the volunteers walk message is sent.

Walking on the scene:

Read the ingredients on the label all food products turned out to be the sign of each food on the table and read the label and samples from the walk is open during all of the above to refrain from each walk is made at least three presentations were not reported in the prices of food in advance to sponsors will be asked to remove it from the site. It was reported in advance provide sponsorships learned after the fact charge the food reminds me of those sponsors and staff policy will follow.

Looking forward to the walk for food allergy

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