2 food allergies MOM as one of a series of a fundraising edge. Is this happening in your place, adventure, a group of high-rise buildings fare, the soul food allergy education, advocacy, education and research programs to benefit all aspects of rappelling.

We are 11-16; I’m going to an event in Arlington, Virginia in Atlanta on Nov. 23; On December 7; On December 14, Tampa and Houston.

We are the last two mothers to bravely edge rates, Atlanta’s Mary Kirkman Vienna, Virginia’s Natasha Perkins chatted with it’s only enough for female friends and family to contribute donations to send them over the edge was only a couple of days! Below is an excerpt from an interview of them but the next issue of the quarterly newsletter of charges next month in Mary and Natasha, you can read more about it.

How are affected by food allergies?

our 8-year-old daughter, Olivia, multiple food allergies diagnosed shortly after her first birthday. We are four in her short life anaphylactic reaction was over. food allergy awareness and education has become our passion. Atlanta, GA, food allergies, we stock epinephrine in cooperation with the Ministry of education, and parents and children if possible, education fees for chairing the fun walk. I can help others with our experience.

 Natasha: 8 year old daughter has many food allergies.  She was diagnosed as an infant.  As she has gotten older, she has become more severe symptoms and reactions.  She has a milk intolerance.  She also makes her miserable has severe eczema.  Her allergy management daily, stress and time consuming endeavor.  We are planning to her her meals, you must remove the exposure. We need to read the back label grocery shopping can be very time consuming. Just some quick bite to eat and eat at restaurants a lot because of her that we have to be very careful on others is a challenge. Our food bill is much higher now, as well as she can eat because the food is more expensive.  Her social life we just eat the others, you will not be able to send her to stay for the night because of the impact. She has got his food and parties and events many times she just dealt with the other children. The parents of many of her friends through her and her constant companion is an epinephrine auto-injector is threatened because they are scared. Joe can’t share very well in treating this process failed, but she sadly and it breaks my heart to see.

How to obtain support for the edge fundraising campaign and talk to other people?
Mary: a friend took them to a friend “send.” — in other words, exactly what and they were very supportive when I’m doing it for Olivia and, in some cases, they are asked to go watch. Of course, they are also it’s funny, they seem to have heard of it!

Natasha: Joey is a lifelong allergy management requires a significant amount of effort.  However, she is on the list, to participate in a clinical trial, funded by such trials.  Charges in the same trial.

How to get your family and friends react when you tell them the rappelling down the side of a high-rise building?
Mary: everyone is very excited for me and I can’t wait to come to watch. However, most of them have told me completely crazy! Olivia can’t wait to see me.

Natasha: I lost my mind that most of the jokes. The other mother’s love knows no bounds. Most of the really cool idea.

If you are considering an edge and encourage others to say?
Mary: I will tell you, it’s a wonderful thing! It is once in a lifetime chance! Besides, this is something I came across to raise money for food allergies is by far the most easy way!

Natasha: just go for it. Fear of facing the people in 20 minutes is nothing compared to the constant fear of food allergies and family. Joey day address more challenging.

Rappel down a building will be about food allergies?

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