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Wheat is an essential nutrient in our daily diet , and plays a role who want to keep our body fit and fine. However, the accompanying grain -threatening side effects and is more prone to adult children with his clutch disastrous and is widely known by the name of wheat allergy.
There are a number of symptoms of wheat allergy can be found , consciously or unconsciously. Being aware of these, in turn , is likely to escape the disease more quickly compared to other severe allergies . Before delving into the deeper details of the symptoms of wheat allergy , tell us more about this condition .
What is wheat allergy ?Allergy actually refers to the abnormal behavior of the immune system due to the protein in wheat grain . Once you have been affected by this disease , there is direct indication that your immune system has developed a specific antibody that causes wheat protein you consume, intolerable side .
Symptoms of wheat allergy
In a short period of time from when you take your meals with wheat in a obvious or hidden , the wheat allergy symptoms begin surface , one after another, and the process continues until several hours later . Some of the symptoms of wheat allergy are listed here:

    Swelling , irritation and itching in and around the throat and mouth.
Training rashes or itching because of the itching .
Congestion of the nasal cavity, because of the mucus. Mainly occurs due to the release of histamine after allergen supports the body .
Problem with watery eyes , itching , redness and irritation become common agenda.
The difficulty in breathing due to obstruction of the air supply tube inside the body. Gluten proteins is generally responsible for starting such intolerable.
Poor digestion , causing symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea .
Stomach pain and the onset of fever.
Vomiting, nausea and cramps from eating wheat allergens .
Suffering from anaphylaxis, a disease that is a byproduct of wheat allergy and supports its own set of symptoms such as tightness in the throat , chest tightness , dizziness , breathing problems , skin color changes and continuing decline heart rate , among others.
Protein responsible for the symptoms of wheat allergyWheat is generally composed of two major proteins , namely gliadin and glutenin which combine to form the gluten. This is what some reactions meditated immunoglobulin E (IgE induced by gluten) and leads to the symptoms of wheat allergy.
They can be affected by the symptoms of wheat allergy ?In general , children are expected to be taken in the hold of wheat allergy , but can recover after a certain period of time if they stop the intake of diet composed of wheat. This period can vary from a few weeks a year , depending on their individual immune system . However, adults who work in the soft drink industry and other similar areas are more likely to develop this abnormal behavior later in their lives . Unfortunately for them , they are less likely to recover from wheat allergy compared with younger people .

Wheat allergy symptoms – Awareness is the best medicine

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