MedicAlert “MyVoice” programs and giveaway



Food allergies, where you’ll be or cannot predict it’s going to be with you. However, to give you some peace of mind, you are ready to take every precaution. Always carry epinephrine, and food allergy and allergic emergency plan & key, but you also need to wear a medical identification jewelry always. Just like brushing your teeth in the morning to watch or your ID becomes part of the daily routine in. It is ultimately the simple habits you can save your life.

The severity of the medical emergency it is important to communicate quickly, so we live-saving services and protects individuals with food allergies is designed to provide MedicAlert Foundation “MyVoice” program has partnered with. MedicAlert Foundation stores information on an individual’s health and his or her personalized medical identification. In addition, if an emergency, MedicAlert member MyVoice 24-hour family notification service.

We are giving away free MyVoice members! MedicAlert medical ID bracelets and a free membership has to offer. To submit entries in the raffle for some easy way, click here.

Enter the giveaway!

MedicAlert is totally to protect yourself or your children, we recommend that you sign up. If the fee is not over giveaway win MyVoice program both adults and children for MedicAlert member provides a 10% discount. Kids medical ID products, smart members of adult members and $ 10 credit while offering free basic ID or upgraded medical ID products comes with a $ 10 credit.

MedicAlert “MyVoice” programs and giveaway

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Looking forward to the walk for food allergy



Is there a charge for food allergies walk more than 60 communities across the country and now it’s a family-friendly event that is walking season! Walker United States thousands of fundraising, team throughout the recruiting and preparing for the event. Whether you are a first time Walker or a veteran, we we have some frequently asked questions and provides useful information. Donate to the individual or team registration, for more info please visit!

How to walk in the street?
Two or three miles, along with some of our walks range gives you the option to run or walk/run 5k.

Who makes it possible to program a walk?

We have many generous supporters from walking is good. They walk through the support provided funds charge total food allergy community support obligations, national education, awareness, advocacy and research initiative is instrumental in. Our walk will also help run smoothly hundreds of patrons walk event on the walk-through the efforts of volunteers. Thank you!

What kind of activities will be on the streets?

In addition to the walk itself, a variety of fun children’s activities in each of the walks for adults. There are many walks, face painting, Moon bounce, rock climbing wall, Carnival Games, crafts, and prize drawings. DJ, clowns, musicians, or other performers provide entertainment throughout the day are also in attendance. A variety of local and national suppliers allergists ‘ offices, book writer and food companies including each walk in on the site.

The food served at the event, there will be a sample or food?

All of our walk was provided by our sponsors or local businesses can make use of free samples. We tell them that they can incorporate into their lives, a new or different allergy-friendly food gives you the opportunity to learn about the product because they are participating in a walk year these sample audits of individuals and of families in many.

What type of security measures or policies in place about food?

We all have a safe and enjoyable experience possible so that you can take a number of safety measures and sharing the best of us in advance and we spot, walk participants with these policies before and event information is available several times through various channels.

Is there a charge for food on foot walking policy

Each walk dictionary:

Now staff and discuss all the food samples before walking with sponsors and sponsor list and label the ingredients of their products must be clearly posted on each walk website and email a statement. events will be samples from and read the label, and they should refrain from walking, open the sample in all the above will be sent to all registered walkers advance. they should not walk on the site of food they consumed beforehand and wash your hands before you get to walk properly, any food you should be aware of the volunteers walk message is sent.

Walking on the scene:

Read the ingredients on the label all food products turned out to be the sign of each food on the table and read the label and samples from the walk is open during all of the above to refrain from each walk is made at least three presentations were not reported in the prices of food in advance to sponsors will be asked to remove it from the site. It was reported in advance provide sponsorships learned after the fact charge the food reminds me of those sponsors and staff policy will follow.

Looking forward to the walk for food allergy

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Rappel down a building will be about food allergies?



2 food allergies MOM as one of a series of a fundraising edge. Is this happening in your place, adventure, a group of high-rise buildings fare, the soul food allergy education, advocacy, education and research programs to benefit all aspects of rappelling.

We are 11-16; I’m going to an event in Arlington, Virginia in Atlanta on Nov. 23; On December 7; On December 14, Tampa and Houston.

We are the last two mothers to bravely edge rates, Atlanta’s Mary Kirkman Vienna, Virginia’s Natasha Perkins chatted with it’s only enough for female friends and family to contribute donations to send them over the edge was only a couple of days! Below is an excerpt from an interview of them but the next issue of the quarterly newsletter of charges next month in Mary and Natasha, you can read more about it.

How are affected by food allergies?

our 8-year-old daughter, Olivia, multiple food allergies diagnosed shortly after her first birthday. We are four in her short life anaphylactic reaction was over. food allergy awareness and education has become our passion. Atlanta, GA, food allergies, we stock epinephrine in cooperation with the Ministry of education, and parents and children if possible, education fees for chairing the fun walk. I can help others with our experience.

 Natasha: 8 year old daughter has many food allergies.  She was diagnosed as an infant.  As she has gotten older, she has become more severe symptoms and reactions.  She has a milk intolerance.  She also makes her miserable has severe eczema.  Her allergy management daily, stress and time consuming endeavor.  We are planning to her her meals, you must remove the exposure. We need to read the back label grocery shopping can be very time consuming. Just some quick bite to eat and eat at restaurants a lot because of her that we have to be very careful on others is a challenge. Our food bill is much higher now, as well as she can eat because the food is more expensive.  Her social life we just eat the others, you will not be able to send her to stay for the night because of the impact. She has got his food and parties and events many times she just dealt with the other children. The parents of many of her friends through her and her constant companion is an epinephrine auto-injector is threatened because they are scared. Joe can’t share very well in treating this process failed, but she sadly and it breaks my heart to see.

How to obtain support for the edge fundraising campaign and talk to other people?
Mary: a friend took them to a friend “send.” — in other words, exactly what and they were very supportive when I’m doing it for Olivia and, in some cases, they are asked to go watch. Of course, they are also it’s funny, they seem to have heard of it!

Natasha: Joey is a lifelong allergy management requires a significant amount of effort.  However, she is on the list, to participate in a clinical trial, funded by such trials.  Charges in the same trial.

How to get your family and friends react when you tell them the rappelling down the side of a high-rise building?
Mary: everyone is very excited for me and I can’t wait to come to watch. However, most of them have told me completely crazy! Olivia can’t wait to see me.

Natasha: I lost my mind that most of the jokes. The other mother’s love knows no bounds. Most of the really cool idea.

If you are considering an edge and encourage others to say?
Mary: I will tell you, it’s a wonderful thing! It is once in a lifetime chance! Besides, this is something I came across to raise money for food allergies is by far the most easy way!

Natasha: just go for it. Fear of facing the people in 20 minutes is nothing compared to the constant fear of food allergies and family. Joey day address more challenging.

Rappel down a building will be about food allergies?

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Plan care child: Aaron Lavigne



A 6-year-old Aaron Rabin approached his MOM to the doctor to find a cure for food allergy. “for additional information about how to raise money with the idea of one day Aaron, recognizing friends and family wanted to sell the bracelet is allergic to nuts and fish. A simple idea has grown into a hugely successful fundraiser begins! Aaron has raised $ 1115 bracelet, sold so far in the process, educate others, and has helped spread awareness. We had Aaron himself and his fundraiser for several questions:

1. food allergy? Food allergies-like?
I’m allergic to nuts and fish. I sometimes feel alone. Some people say it could sit down with them and nuts and fish lunch. It’s kind of me, I can’t be with my friends at lunch and feel sad.

2. How would you have been raising rates for let us know about it.
My mom and I to raise money and sell it to our friends and family made a bracelet. We have created the teal, black, and light and dark options.

3. Why did you want it? Why is it important to you?
They are about to make or will make it go away so my allergy liquid doctor wanted to raise money. I don’t feel so alone, I think it will be very important.

4. how to be a good friend to people with food allergies can be.?
The truth is that some people are different than others, but you are their friend and treat them respectfully!

5. what advice do you give kids diagnosed with food allergies or just a friend?
I tell them, make sure that the people who are providing food safety always make sure you would say. I would also say to read the label on them.

Plan care child: Aaron Lavigne

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Just released – in schools, national guidelines for managing food allergies



Today marks a milestone for the food allergy community. The Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) is a “voluntary guidelines for managing food allergies in school and early care and education programs -school food allergy management for published the first comprehensive national guidelines. Food allergy research (rates) & guidelines developed in collaboration with CDC and other groups.

CDC guidance, practical information and to strengthen federal laws and regulations while using the schools to provide strategies for food allergic students ‘ physical and emotional health will seek to protect. These instructions are included in the school and early childhood programs and improving existing practices and reduce allergic reactions, reactions to life and improving the response to children with serious health problems, according to the law, to protect the current policy could be useful in verifying the implementation of the policy.

The following is a CDC guideline now can help spread the word.

Know the facts: more than 15% of children with food allergies responded from the school and the school environment, epinephrine administration participated in about 25% of individuals who were diagnosed prior to an allergy.Contact the leader in Earth schools: your school board, Superintendent, principal, or school health guidelines tell your friends from the Office in reaching out. If the school district the school food allergy management guidelines, CDC guidelines in place by considering the changes the next time you ask a school official offered.Tell a friend: and they shall do so by notifying their district or school leaders a new CDC guidelines could increase the awareness of and let other families know.

With your help we are safety and the inclusion of students with food allergies in school can continue. We are your support and community in the CDC guidelines and help to spread the word for thank you. For more information, see for CDC.

Just released – in schools, national guidelines for managing food allergies

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Food allergies and important note about the closure of the Federal Government



Since the shutdown of the Federal Government shut down the Government earlier this week, a charge associated with the service or food allergies has been investigating how it can impact business. While there are many uncertainties during this time, the information we have so far collected offers a community for any new developments will continue to let you know of. Will let you know the Federal Government closed for the following important notice:

United States Department of agriculture and the FDA food recalls due to an undeclared allergen
Update 10/10/2013
The food and Drug Administration (FDA) fare and the United States Department of agriculture (USDA), recalls their food is being affected by the notification system shutdown check Remember reached out to multiple contacts. Undeclared allergen recalls alerts on our society and potentially life-saving information.

We distribute information processing and recall notice at the time responsible for many of the furloughed employees. Retrospect and distribution, delays are being released in a limited capacity.

The fare is more than a dozen major food industry groups to contact with fee directly to any allergy recalls warning we email and notify the community through social media services can continue to request them has reached out to the manufacturer.

United States Department of agriculture, access to medical statements form
Parents who request a special meal, accommodation and school lunches for milk, fill out the form required to submit to the school nurse or other administrative staff. This mode is currently not accessible through the website of United States Department of agriculture are generally accessible. Parents or school requires this form, you can access it here: dietary needs on request.

Women, infants and children (WIC) nutrition program
Professional formulas and rely on WIC services for food for families it is important to know about this program is the federal funding has been halted due to the exit. Most countries currently WIC participant WIC funds and vouchers; Some States, however, that the honor represents, they’re just funding the recipient may not receive the benefits soon, so keep doing this for a short period of time. If you are a current WIC participant WIC program, please reach out to the State.

State S. 1503-emergency epinephrine law school access
“Stock” has an epinephrine auto-injector is the law that requires schools to adopt the State, encouraging emergency epinephrine law, school access the Senate Health, education, labor and Pensions Committee on October 2 in the days before & for consideration. However, because of the reduced staffing review was postponed until further notice. Joint rates visit the Action Center to encourage legislators to sponsor the Bill, please keep up the writing.

Government-funded clinical trials
Most rates do not receive government funding, funds clinical trials are not affected by the termination. The national institutes of health, a joint study by the prices of investment funds, including ongoing traditional trials. However, these trials recruiting new patients are limited in their ability to.

Food allergies and important note about the closure of the Federal Government

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Understand gluten allergy symptoms


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If you ever notice some symptoms of gluten allergy, you should know that it could be a sign of a more serious health condition such as celiac disease. If any member of your family ever experienced these symptoms, then it is time to understand everything about gluten allergy symptoms in order to be able to help them in the right way.

Even when doctors consider gluten allergy symptoms as a sign of celiac disease, it is important to clearly state that this condition generally has no allergic reactions as a present when a patient suffers from hay fever or allergic to peanuts. In fact, gluten sensitivity is more related to the digestive system, which is concerned with the digestive tract after some time of being exposed to gluten protein.

Some components of food and the environment can make people with allergies feel the consequences. Most substances is invisible to human eyes but produce really negative effects in our bodies. These poisonous substances for some people may be floating in the air, or in a cookie tempting or even in your bed. Therefore, people suffering from gluten allergy symptoms have to be really careful about the kind of foods they consume.

It is important to say that the gluten protein is part of the wheat, barley, rye and oats. This means that it can be quite daunting for people with gluten allergy symptoms prevent the symptoms because all these ingredients are part of our diet. However, people who suffer from this intolerance should try to stay away from these ingredients, although they are dependent on them.

Because the system reacts when there is gluten in it, the typical response would be to kill the villi, which are microscopic hairs that seek to capture the nutrients from what you eat, in your gut. If the villas disappear, then the body is able to digest and process nutrients of foods that you consume.

Most of the time gluten allergy symptoms begin with a slight stomach pain. With time, you can experience more frequent stomach pain and flatulence. Some other typical symptoms are headache, fatigue and weakness.

People who are diagnosed with celiac disease in the latter stages tend to think that they are undernourished. However, if you don’t know you have gluten sensitivity, and you consume foods that contain gluten, may be malnourished.

Therefore, it is of vital importance if you are suspicious of your health, because you think that you might have intolerance to gluten, and if you have a gluten allergy symptoms mentioned above, you will have to change your eating habits. It may be difficult, but then you’ll realize that there are a lot of alternatives that allow you to have a healthy diet, gluten-free.

Understand gluten allergy symptoms

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Gluten allergy symptoms or is it something else?


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Gluten allergy symptoms is a term that is often applied to say symptoms of gluten intolerance and celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease.

Then we will bring some clarity to this issue as much as space will allow.

First you must know that the allergy is a high sensitivity to anything that would not be a problem to most people.

A gluten allergy is a reaction of the immune system in a matter of hours or minutes to eat any food containing gluten.

The symptoms of this allergy should include the following:

1. Hives

2. Asthma

3. Abdominal cramping

4. Nausea and vomiting

Many people who have this condition as a child would be too great.This is an allergic reaction.

However there is another condition known as gluten intolerance, which is often confused with gluten allergy. This is a more serious condition that do not have similar symptoms to gluten allergy symptoms. In fact there will be no symptoms after eating the gluten to much damage has already taken place.

In this case, the walls of the small intestine are damaged and thus the ability to absorb all food is compromised.

Then you’ve got symptoms of gluten intolerance whenever you consume foods with gluten. These symptoms include

1. Constipation or diarrhea

2. Swelling

3. Nausea with or without vomiting

As the inner wall of the small intestine are damaged the symptoms will get worse because your bowels will not be able to digest the nutrients from your food, even when you do not eat gluten-free.

Then port in its wake malnutrition and all that goes with it, including immune system problems, brain, skin conditions and disorders, to name just a few.

In this type of situation, symptoms may include the following:

1. Diarrhoea

2. weight loss

3. Constipation

4. Offensive stools

5 Abdominal Cramps and bloating.

Symptoms in children include:

1. Distorted or stunted growth

2. Distended abdomen

3. migraine

4. poor appetite

Celiac disease is characterized by symptoms that are similar to those mentioned above for gluten intolerance, and may also include severe skin reactions. Celiac disease the body over reacts to gluten-free dining in such a way as to cause damage to the villi, which are the bumps like fingers in the intestine that absorb nutrients from food. When these are damaged there is malabsorption progressive to the point that all foods are not able to be digested, not just gluten-free foods.

How can suspect, not being able to absorb nutrition from food and can lead to severe problems. Unlike gluten allergy reactions, this is not out grown and worsen.

A test for celiac disease can indicate that you do not have celiac disease, but in many cases there is gluten intolerance, or as some tend to say, gluten allergy symptoms. Medical science is still trying to figure it out.

You may feel that based on the results of celiac negative you can go and eat barley and wheat, rye and oats. Don’t take that chance!

It is believed that in this case the gluten intolerance can become celiac disease. In the meantime, you should eliminate all traces of gluten from your diet.

Gluten allergy symptoms or is it something else?

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Youth Summit-a life changing experience



Teen_Summit logo webThe fare of the eighth annual Youth Summit for registration? Before puberty or adolescence if between 11-year-old will want to miss it at the 22. This year’s Youth Summit will be held on November 15-17 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. Youth Advisory Group Member, Elisa shares of freight and what it means to her Youth Summit:

I first teen top is entering grade 9 and went two years ago. Honestly, it’s changed my life; I had met so many children like. I am always alone when it comes to food allergies and exactly what I go through on a daily basis know there are so many amazing people and I felt it was refreshing to be around. Make lifelong friends in the Youth Summit, I am more appreciative of being a full member and in charge. Food allergies are a big part of me and rates, Youth Summit will be more confident about my allergies and helped me.

For more information or to register, visit

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Youth Summit-a life changing experience

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gluten allergy

Having trouble skin blisters, redness or itching after meals? People with allergies to gluten can develop annoying and sometimes serious skin conditions, including blisters inside of the mouth!

Most doctors will initially to prescribe a topical treatment for exposed areas of skin, all of which initially the outcome could clear, but it will not stop it completely.